About Kronika

Kronika primarily deals with Slovenian local and regional history. However, rather than being confined to strictly historical articles, it also includes contributions from other sciences, particularly humanities (e.g. art history, musicology, archaeology, etc.), as this is the only way it can provide a complete historical picture of a place or a region. Apart from focusing on Slovenian local history, Kronika also incorporates considerably more pictorial material than similar publications, which can both serve as a source in its own right and make articles appealing to a wider circle of readers.

Another aspect that distinguishes Kronika from other historical papers is an annual thematic issue dedicated to a selected theme, i.e. history of a selected place or a region. These issues draw considerable interest in individual local communities. Whereas most contributors to Kronika are well established scientists, the review also offers the opportunity to younger authors who have just started their research careers, which is yet another characteristic of the review.