Instructions for authors

Kronika is the central Slovenian review for Slovenian local history. It is published by the Historical Association of Slovenia.
Papers featured in Kronika are written in the Slovenian language. As a rule, they consist of 24 typewritten single-spaced pages. All papers should be proofread. Each author should submit:
The paper – the organisation should be logical and readily comprehended by the reader;
Information about the author – name and surname, academic title, occupation and position, name of employing institution, work address, email and phone number at which the author can be reached;
The summary – presentation of the main results of the paper. Apart from exceptional cases, the summary should not exceed one page (30 lines);
The abstract – brief description of the paper (10 lines);
A list of sources and literature;
Appendices – pictorial material, copies of documents, maps, etc. Photographs should be marked with a legend. In a copy of the paper, mark where a specific appendix should be inserted.
Notes – should follow a uniform format. Authors are encouraged to use footnotes rather than in-text (parenthetical) notes or endnotes. The notes shall contain short indications and abbreviations, which will be explained in the chapter Sources and Literature. When citing archival sources, the established abbreviated name of the archive shall be used, followed by the abbreviated name of the record group or collection, the name or number of the folder or box, and the number of the archival unit or the name of the document. When citing literature, the notes shall consist of the author’s surname, shortened title (omitting the year of publication) and page number.
The chapter Sources and Literature – shall systematically list a complete bibliography cited in the notes. Archival sources, literature, as well as newspapers, oral accounts, etc. if applicable, shall be listed separately. In these sections the materials shall be listed in alphabetical order. Each bibliographical entry shall start with a shortened indication of the source used in the notes, followed by a complete indication of the source or literature.
Archival sources – the citation shall include: the archive, the name of the record group or collection, as well as the numbers of files or boxes if applicable.
Example: AS 231 – Arhiv Republike Slovenije, Record group Ministrstvo za prosveto Ljudske republike Slovenije, 1945–1951 (including box numbers if applicable). For the footnotes it is sufficient to indicate: AS 231, no. (box number), (document name or number).
Example: ZAP, MOP (as indicated in the notes) – Zgodovinski arhiv Ptuj, Record group Mestna občina Ptuj (including box or file numbers if applicable). In the footnotes it is sufficient to indicate: ZAP, MOP, no. (box number), (document name or number).
Literaturemonographs – the citation shall include: the author’s name and surname: title (and subtitle) of the work (in italics).
Place: The publisher and the year of publication.
Example: Gestrin, Ferdo: Slovenske dežele in zgodnji kapitalizem. Ljubljana : Slovenska matica, 1991.
Literaturearticles – the citation shall include: the author’s name and surname, the title of the article. The title of the periodical or collection of scientific papers (in italics); for the periodical also volume, year, issue and pages, and for the collection of papers (editor’s name), the place and year of publication, and the number of pages.
Periodical example: Slana, Lidija: Iz zgodovine gradu in gospostva Snežnik na Notranjskem. Kronika, 48, 2000, nos. 1–2, pp. 20–41.
Collection of scientific papers example: Melik, Vasilij: Ideja Zedinjene Slovenije 1848–1991. Slovenija 1848–1991 : iskanje lastne poti (edited by Stane Granda and Barbara Šatej). Ljubljana: Zveza zgodovinskih društev Slovenije, 1998, pp. 15–20.
The authors are invited to submit their papers to Kronika’s editorial board (Filozofska fakulteta, Oddelek za zgodovino, Aškerčeva 2, 1000 Ljubljana) or to Kronika’s managing editor (Miha Preinfalk, Zgodovinski inštitut Milka Kosa ZRC SAZU, Novi trg 2, p.p. 306, 1000 Ljubljana). Papers may also be submitted via email to the managing editor ( or the technical editor Barbara Šterbenc Svetina (
Papers should be written using a customary word processor. The submitted material should be written in accordance with all the requirements above. The title of the document (file) should be the name of the author. Authors are recommended to submit pictorial materials in the form of photos, slides and so forth; scanned images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. The images should roughly have the size of the publication in the review and be submitted in uncompressed TIF format.
The translations of abstracts and summaries into foreign languages (English and German) shall be provided for by the editorial board of the review. The pictorial materials shall be returned to the authors following the publication of their papers.
The assertions made in the papers and the scientific correctness shall be the sole responsibility of the authors. The papers are peer-reviewed. The peer reviews are conducted anonymously.