Volume 65, 2017

2017, 65/1

  • Blaž Otrin: A biography of travel photographer Christian Paier (1839-1895)
  • Rok Poles: About a moustached man in search of a coachman without a moustache. Fragments about Baron Haebler, the master of Gutenbüchl, and his mysterious wife
  • Gašper Grahelj: Refugees in Idrija and the surrounding villages in the period 1914-1915
  • Tomasz Pudłocki: In the time of forced evacuation of the Galician people. Rev. Dr. Jan Trznadel in Styria
  • Katarina Keber: Epidemic on school benches: a case of Spanish flu in 1918 in Central Slovenia
  • David Petelin: Housing conditions in Ljubljana during the period of 1945-1965
  • Jelka Piškurić: Houses, kindergartens, schools, roads. Construction in the Municipalty of Ljubljana Vič-Rudnik

2017, 65/2

  • Silvo Torkar: The bridge that gave the name to Most na Soči
  • Vanja Kočevar: Identity of the Carniolan Provincial Estates in the Early Modern Period
  • Tita Porenta: Development of beekeeping and beekeepers societies in Upper Carniola
  • Aleš Šafarič: Creation of the Slovenian Catholic gymnastics organisation Orel
  • Miha Šimac: The Decorates Teacher from Hoče Radovan Mejovšek (1884–1971)
  • David Petelin: Social image of Ljubljana in 1945–1965
  • Renato Podbersič: »House of the living« in Rožna Dolina. Jewish cemetery between Gorizia and Nova Gorica
  • Vito Hazler: Reflections on the wandelbahn of Rogaška Slatina and other similar buildings featured by thermal spas in Europe

2017, 65/3

From the History of Lower Savinja Valley

  • Lower Savinja Valley – the land of the Counts of Celje, the green gold and the untamed Savinja River
  • Julijana Visočnik: Inhabitants from the Roman period of the Lower Savinja Valley or who is hidden behind the names on epigrafic monuments
  • Igor Sapač: Ojstrica Castle and Mansion. A historical architectural outline
  • Boris Golec: The early official slovenica from the Lower Savinja Valley
  • Jure Volčjak: Lower Savinja Valley in visitation minutes of Archbishop of Gorizia Karl Michael von Attems
  • Boris Golec: Traces of the Valvasor family in the Lower Savinja Valley. Between romances in the Ojstrica castle and the mental hospital in Novo Celje
  • Karmen Kreže: A modest man of great deeds: Janez Hausenbichler
  • Uroš Herman: Developments in the Celje area in 1917–1918, with particular regard to the activities of local liberals
  • Blaž Podpečan: Memorial materials of Olga Repnik as a source for the history of Polzela and its surroundings in the first half of the twentieth century
  • Uroš Herman: How Sv. Pavel pri Preboldu entered socialism
  • Damir Žerič: The days of the Textile Factory Šempeter
  • Hana Habjan: The story of three female fighters: Meta, Ivanka and Nada. Conflict regarding renaming of a school in Griže in 1969
  • Božena Hostnik, Vito Hazler: Oast houses in the Lower Savinja Valley
  • Matija Zorn: Floods – a permanent feature in the Lower Savinja Valley
  • Ignacij Voje: Gregor Čremošnik from the Savinja Valley – a Balkan explorer