Volume 60, 2012

2012, 60/1

  • Miha Preinfalk: Six decades of Kronika
  • Ana Lavrič: The Church of St. Christopher in Bežigrad, Ljubljana
  • Boris Golec: The forgotten »little Styrian Valvasor« – the polymath’s descendant Franz Ritter von Gadolla (1797–1866)
  • Petra Svoljšak: Gorizia, a damned and sacred city between two fires
  • Miha Šimac: First Lieutenant Egon Gabrijelčič (1888–1915) – the hero of the Trieste Infantry Regiment
  • Angelika Hribar: The responsible childhood of the emperor’s last son. A glimpse at the family archive of Elsa and Liselott Obereigner
  • Nataša Budna Kodrič: The flood in the Ločnica stream valley of 8 August 1924
  • Jurij Rosa: Priest Otmar Črnilogar, President of the Vipava Alpine Society (1967–1970): with a presentation of the authorities’ reaction to his presidency

Kronika 60/1 (PDF)

2012, 60/2

  • Dejan Zadravec: »Jesus, Mary!« or the last cry of John Erasmus of Tattenbach
  • Petra Kolenc: »In the heart of the borderless forest.« Use, exploitation and management of the Trnovo Forest since the beginning of the colonization until the late 19th century
  • Tanja Žigon, Boštjan Udovič: German-Slovenian relations in Ljubljana in the second half of the 19th century in the eyes of a journalist, editor and satirist Jakob Alešovec (1842–1901)
  • Tanja Gomiršek: Material conditions of children in the Goriška Brda in the 19th century
  • Nataša Budna Kodrič: Short on children’s games and amusements in Ljubljana between 1850 and 1940
  • Iztok Petrič: Ivan Ogrin – a big landowner, merchant and benefactor from Lavrica near Ljubljana
  • Eda Belingar: Wells in the Karst. Occurrence, methods of construction, shapes
  • Špela Poles: Preservation of old customs and habits on St. Florian’s day at Florjan and Zavodnje near Šoštanj

Kronika 60/2 (PDF)

2012, 60/3 From the history of slovenian castles

  • Miha Preinfalk, Igor Sapač: Castles in Slovenia – between yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Ivan Stopar: Slovenian castles – the overlooked heritage
  • Igor Sapač: What is a castle? The problem of terminological designation and basic definition
  • Katarina Predovnik: Slovenian archaeology and castle research
  • Matjaž Bizjak: Castle as the centre of a seigniory (with a particular focus on medieval Carniola)
  • Tomaž Lazar: The role of castles in medieval warfare
  • Miha Kosi: Castle policy – the case of the Counts of Cilli
  • Boris Golec: Castles in Slovenian territory as administrative centres. Basic characteristics and research challenges
  • Maja Lozar Štamcar: Castles as residences of the regional nobility and gentry
  • Anja Dular: Castle libraries in the Slovenian territory
  • Ines Unetič: Former roles and functions of ornamental castle gardens in the daily life of society and individuals
  • Matjaž Ambrožič: Castle chapels and the patronage influence of feudal lords on religious life
  • Lidija Podlesnik Tomášiková: European castles and dance culture in the 15th century: an insight into the performative dance practice based on examination of sources
  • Tina Košak: Picture collections in Slovenian castles. A view through ‘France Stele’s lens’
  • Marjetka Golež Kaučič: »Yonder stands a white castle«: thematisation of the castle in Slovenian ballads
  • Luka Vidmar: A castle in Slovenian literature of 19th century
  • Damir Globočnik: Castles in artistic depictions
  • Helena Seražin: Imperial ambassadors from the ranks of Gorizian nobility as mediators of new architectural models and art movements
  • Metoda Kokole: Music at noble residences in the territory of the present-day Slovenia from the Middle Ages to the end of the eighteenth century
  • Stane Granda: Resale of castles and seigniories in the 19th-century Carniola
  • Nataša Ivanović: »Yes, yes, this is the Grumlof Van Gogh.« The lord of Grumlof mansion, painter Ferdo Vesel
  • Franci Lazarini: The Smlednik mansion and its inhabitants in the 20th and 21st centuries
  • Janko Rožič: Castles in the landscape – Kamen (Stein), Pusti grad (Waldenberg) and Bled castle (Veldes)
  • Vito Hazler: Comprehensive and integrated investigation of castles, manors, mansions and adjacent farm buildings according to modern reception and perception of cultural heritage
  • Aleš Hafner: Renovations of Slovenian castles in the new millennium
  • Gojko Zupan: Castles as Slovenia’s spiritual heritage in the 20th century. Between walls and documents
  • Mitja Potočnik: The project »castle museum« in Brdo pri Lukovici castle

Kronika 60/3 (PDF)