Volume 61, 2013

2013, 61/1

  • Boris Golec: Valvasor’s origin, family and youth – the old unknowns in new light (part 1)
  • Stanislav Južnič: Gregor Kraškovič, the first slovenian under the balloon (celebrating bicentenary of the first slovenian flights)
  • Miha Preinfalk: A poet, a paintress and a musician – testaments of three counts of Auersperg from Thurn am Hart
  • Mina Černe: Bled in slovene literature in »the long 19th century« (part 1)
  • Andrej Sušjan: Valentin Žun’s economics textbook from 1908. The circumstances at the time of its publication and some characteristics of its content and language
  • Špela Poles: Novošaleško perutninarstvo Velenje M. A. Gr. Herberstein. »The best white hen laid 264 eggs per year and the best brown hen laid 251.«
  • Franček Lasbaher: School chronicle of lower gymnasium Črna 1950–1957

Kronika 61/1 (PDF)

2013, 61/2

  • Luka Vidmar: Two burnings of protestant books in Ljubljana in 1600 and 1601: between history and myth
  • Boris Golec: Valvasor’s origin, family and youth – the old unknowns in new light (part 2)
  • Tanja Gomiršek: Housing culture in southeast Goriška brda in pre-march era
  • Mina Černe: Bled in slovenian literature in »the long 19th century« (part 2)
  • Irena Žmuc: Travelling from Paris to Ljubljana at the time of the Illyrian Provinces
  • Vinko Oblak: Municipality of Piran and municipal fishery reserve of Porotrož in the concession contract of 1918

Kronika 61/2 (PDF)

2013, 61/3 From the history of Rajhenburg Castle

  • Miha Preinfalk: Rajhenburg Castle – entering a new millennium completely renovated
  • Peter Štih: Rajhenburg and the charter of King Arnulf for Waltuni of 895
  • Igor Sapač: Architectural history of the Rajhenburg Castle
  • Patrick Schicht: Die Reichenburg als Bestandteil des hochmittelalterlichen Burgenbaus der Salzburger Erzbischöfe
  • Mija Oter Gorenčič: Romanesque chapel and architectural sculpture in the Rajhenburg Castle
  • Simona Menoni: Frescoes in the Renaissance hall of the Rajhenburg Castle
  • Lidija Slana: Proprietors of Rajhenburg between 16th and 19th Century (1570–1881)
  • Dejan Zadravec: Contribution to the History of Small Seigneury and Manor Turn pod Rajhenburgom in the early modern period
  • Irena Fürst: Trappists in Rajhenburg
  • Andreja Jankovič Deržič: The Rajhenburg Castle as a Prison after the World War II. Political Prison for Women (1948–1956) and the Male Offenders’ Correctional Facility (1956–1959)
  • Irena Fürst: The Rajhenburg Castle as a Museum
  • Maja Bricelj, Nika Veršnik, Maja Lavrič, Robert Krempuš: Archaeological Investigations at the Rajhenburg Castle
  • Alenka Železnik: Rajhenburg Castle and its renovation
  • Petra Jernejec Babič: Rajhenburg Castle area
  • Boris Golec: Market town Rajhenburg from its beginnings to the mid-19th century. A small world between the castle, river and forests
  • Alenka Černelič Krošelj: The Complete Renovation of Rajhenburg Castle, Project Activities and Development of Activities in the Castle after the Renovation
  • Boris Hajdinjak: The Lords of Rajhenburg untill the beginning of the 15th century

Kronika 61/3 (PDF)