Prvi ljubljanski stadion

  • Vladimir Vilman
Ključne besede: Ljubljana, stadion, sokolski zlet, telovadba, tesarstvo, Ivan Zakotnik


In 1921, the members of the Jugoslovanska sokolska zveza have determined that the first assembly of the Yugoslav Sokol movement was to be organised in Ljubljana in August 1922. A preliminary condition for the realization of the assembly was the building of a sports stadium. They set the location between the present Linhartova and Topniška streets and Zupančičeva jama. The wooden and prefabricated stadium was built under the leadership of the carpenter master Ivan Zakotnik by 250 workers in good three months. In four tribunes, 3.000 cubic metres of sawn wood was built in. The Sokol assembly hosted the eighth international gymnastic competition at which the Yugoslav, more precisely Slovene, gymnasts took second place. In the prime days of the assembly, approximately 50.000 visitors and performers gathered at the stadium, and in the streets of Ljubljana around 100.000 people viewed or took part in the festive parade.